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About us

4H Water Auditing Inc. is the leading forensic water bill auditing company servicing the five boroughs of New York City. Since our inception in business well over a decade ago, we have saved our customers millions of dollars collectively by reducing their water bills. The cornerstone of our water bill auditing company is the focus 4H WATER has on the needs of our high profile clients. These clients are health facilities, hospitals, high-rises (commercial apartment buildings/office buildings), and hotels. We quickly address the needs of our clients and bring to fruition favorable results.

Years ago, water was the forgotten utility. Water did not have a price attached to it, it was free flowing and free of cost. It was perceived to be plentiful. This does not hold true to recent times. With population growth, economic development, aging infrastructures and simple waste, water is no longer inexpensive in cost projections. Water needs to be monitored and conserved. 4H WATER will lead your way to being part of our portfolio of customers who have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in water bills.