Plan | 4H Water Auditing

Certified WBE --- (212) 252-2600

3 Point Plan

1. Enter your Borough/Block/Lot on our site with your contact email or telephone number.


2. Enter your DEP account number on our site and/or email your most recent DEP water bill to:


3. Call to make an appointment. (212) 252-2600. Please allow 24 hours (business days only) for one of our auditors to return your call.

Once you initiate one of the above, a DEP letter of authorization and our service agreement will need to be signed. We will then begin our review to outline the dispute and future savings on your DEP water bill. We will not waste your time with any other details. The only waste we concern ourselves with is your potential water/sewer waste and that cost to you. Our auditors are the best in this field and will save you thousands.
If you need other services we can refer you to:
  • Plumbers / Expeditors
  • Department of Finance Auditiors
  • Lending Facilities / Mortgage Brokers