4H Water Auditing

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Water Bill Audits

The goal in our ever changing economy is to sustain financially. 4H Water Auditing, Inc. will dispute your water bills resulting in a credit to your company and decrease your overall out-of-pocket costs. The basis of how we work is as follows:

  • 1. A contact is made with one of our highly skilled auditors.
  • 2. A service agreement and DEP Letter of Authorization is signed.
  • 3. Once agreements are in place your water bills are disputed for a period of 4 years according to DEP rules and regulations.
  • 4. The dispute is successful in most cases and the reversal, cancel/rebill and/or refund is secured. 4H Water Auditing Inc. requests the refund or holds the credit on account for future DEP billing. It is only after the cancel/rebill is complete that we are paid the fee agreed upon in our signed service agreement.

    That's correct! 4H Water Auditing, Inc. charges contingent upon what we save our clients. There are no initial out of pocket costs, therefore we do not charge until we get our customers the best possible cancellation, refund or reversal.


  • Identify leaks
  • Check for inefficient plumbing fixtures and appliances as well as leaking toilets and faucets
  • Adjust the water level in the toilet tank if necessary
  • Show the customer how to read their water bill
  • Renew applications and fill out registration and/or other forms where applicable
  • Make suggestions for low flow showerheads and aerators, if needed
  • Manage cooling tower reads and initiate credits to the account
  • Refer to licensed plumbers, if needed
  • Refer to companies skilled in the field of water and energy conservation, if needed


  • Show the customer how to read the meter
  • Direct the customer to check for leaks
  • Inspect the grounds for problems which could result in excessive water usage
  • Schedule DEP for inspections, meter reads, meter change-outs, etc., where applicable


In today’s economy, most customers opt to be entered into a water consumption program such as the DEP Multiple Conservation Program (formerly the Frontage Program). In many instances, the building does not benefit from being on such a program.

4H WATER will complete a detailed comparative analysis of the property to prove the buildings water consumption is properly serviced. If the DEP program is not in the best interest of the building, 4H Water will initiate the change to metered billing. Contrary to popular belief, sometimes the building being metered consumes less than the flat fee of a DEP program. This difference can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years.